(First Era, before books)
Name: Emberblaze
Rank: Warrior/Queen
Clan: ThunderClan
Mother: Silvernight (deceased)
Father: Duststar (deceased)
Sister: Moonpelt
Mate: Hawkpelt (WindClan)
Kits: Moonkit (Moonflower), Fernkit (Fernpelt), Fuzzykit (Fuzzypelt), and Spottedkit (Spottedpelt) 
Interesting fact: The medicine cat, Smokerise, was very superstitious but only had 3 real omens, to Emberblaze and Moonpelt together, to Emberblaze, and to Moonpelt.
Emberblaze16 (talk) 17:30, October 19, 2013 (UTC)                                            

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